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Are You Keeping Good Oral Hygiene Habits?
By Michelle H. Mottinger, DDS
March 07, 2018
Category: Oral Health
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Do you want a healthy smile for life? Then, keep good oral hygiene habits every day. They are great investments in strong tooth enamel, oral hygienefresh breath, and vibrant gum tissue. Your North Greensboro, NC dentist, Dr. Michelle Mottinger, and her team ask their patients of all ages to practice consistently good dental habits as the best preventive dentistry service around.

What are good habits?

The best oral hygiene habits center around what you put in your mouth and how you take care of it. In other words, your diet, brushing, and flossing affect how healthy your teeth and gums are. These practices prevent tooth decay and gum disease, high-ranking causes of tooth loss in the United States, states the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. Interestingly, both problems stem from the bacteria found in plaque and tartar, the residues left over from meals and snacks.


So just what constitutes a tooth-friendly diet? Your North Greensboro dentist says common sense always prevails: limit processed sugars and carbs. That means soda pop, candy, and other sweets. Substitute fibrous fruits and vegetables, and increase low-fat protein and sources of calcium (hard cheeses, yogurt, milk).

In addition, drink water--lots of it--every day. It helps keep your teeth and gums clean, but also, it increases your saliva. Saliva contains enzymes which fight harmful bacteria that lead to cavities and gum problems.

Brushing and flossing

The American Dental Association (ADA) says to brush twice a day for two minutes. Use a soft brush and fluoride toothpaste. Place the bristles of your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to your tooth surfaces, and brush gently back and forth. Be sure to cover front, back, and chewing surfaces. Rinse well with water. Also, change your toothbrush every six weeks or so, after a cold or flu or whenever it looks worn out.

For flossing, choose a product you will use consistently--plain, flavored, waxed, or unwaxed. Use it once a day; most people floss before bedtime. Key to accurate and gentle flossing is forming a C-shape with each strand and moving it slowly up and down between teeth. Never snap floss against tender gum tissue.

Come to our office

Routine check-ups and hygienic cleanings are part of good oral hygiene. Dr. Mottinger likes to see her patients semi-annually. Besides gentle tooth scaling and a thorough examination, your North Greensboro, NC dentist will suggest ways you can keep your smile strong and long-lasting.

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