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When Are Dental Crowns Needed?
By Michelle H. Mottinger, DDS
March 09, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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Nothing beats a healthy, attractive smile. But, if you have damaged teeth, your smile is in danger. Avoid extractions, and strengthen and beautify your teeth with dental crowns from your dentist in North Greensboro, NC, Dr. Michelle Mottinger. These realistic restorations protect and support failing teeth so that you can keep them for a lifetime. Read on to learn more!

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown, or cap, is a tooth-shaped restoration made of high-quality porcelain. Custom-crafted to fit over the remaining healthy tooth structure, a crown blends in with bordering teeth and bites properly with the opposite arch.

People benefit from crowns when:

  • A tooth has extensive decay or many old and deteriorating fillings
  • Root canal therapy saves an abscessed tooth
  • A tooth has been fractured or is misshapen or heavily stained
  • They need teeth replaced (crowns support bridgework and restore dental implants)
  • A tooth is very worn due to teeth grinding, acid reflux, or age
  • Dental bite is very uneven, causing jaw joint and/or headache pain

The procedure

Your dentist performs the crown procedure in its entirety at her Greensboro, NC, dental office. She confirms you need one by examining your tooth and X-raying it. Then, she uses a local anesthetic to numb the tooth. She carefully removes the damaged enamel and shapes the remaining healthy structure so it accepts a crown. She may place a temporary crown on the tooth. Oral impressions and detailed instructions tell the dental lab technician how to fashion your restoration.

On your return visit, Dr. Mottinger removes the temporary cap, replacing it with a permanent crown. With a few minor adjustments, your renewed tooth is ready for use!

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