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Why is Fluoride Important?
By Michelle H. Mottinger, DDS
January 10, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Fluoride  

Fluoride is nicknamed nature's natural cavity fighter for a good reason. It works by stopping the tooth decay process in its tracks. Cavities are the result of the sticky film called dental plaque that forms from food particles that are left behind on the teeth. Fluoride is safe and habitually found in community drinking water, dietary prescription supplements containing the mineral, and dental products such as toothpaste and mouth rinse. If you or your child is at high risk for developing cavities, your Greensboro, NC, dentist, Dr. Michelle H. Mottinger, DDS, PA, can protect the teeth with a professional fluoride treatment.

Benefits of Fluoride

Many different factors cause cavities, such as poor oral hygiene, lack of professional dental care, exposed tooth roots, and high-levels of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Fortunately, fluoride treatment can help:

  • Remineralize tooth enamel
  • Resist teeth from decay
  • Reduce the need for dental fillings

Why Fluoride is Important for Children and Adults

Fluoride is a natural mineral, and although almost all water contains some level, it's not enough to reduce the risk of cavities. Using a fluoride-toothpaste on children over the age of six can strengthen their enamel and make it easier to remove dental plaque from the pits and grooves. Fluoride aims to protect the oral health of both children and adults who often experience gum recession. When soft tissues become exposed, they are more susceptible to decay. Fluoride treatment makes teeth more resistant to acid attacks that lead to decay and help keep your permanent teeth healthy for a lifetime.

What to Expect from Fluoride Treatment

This mineral is obtainable through toothpaste and drinking water, but receiving fluoride treatment during a cleaning at our Greensboro office delivers fewer cavities, decreases the need for dental restorations, and reduces inflammation that can arise from periodontal disease. Professional fluoride treatment requires only a few minutes, and entails our dentist applying a topical solution, gel, or foam, inside a tray that stays in your mouth for 30 seconds. Based on the status of your oral health, you may benefit from fluoride applications every three to six months.

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